Autism Spectrum Condition is much more common than many people think!


It is estimated that around 1.1% of the UK’s population may have ASC, which roughly equates to 700,000 people or every 1 in 100 (for further information, see the figures available from the 2011 UK census). If we extrapolate this to include a person’s family and wider support network, we can estimate that in the UK, living with ASC is part of around 3 million people’s everyday lives.

It can therefore be readily assumed that as a professional – no matter what sector you may work in – you will encounter a person living with ASC and that that person will most likely have unique communication needs and behaviours that you will need to understand and support. Understanding ASC and supporting individuals living with ASC is therefore essential if you wish to develop an inclusive and person-centred personal working practice and to deliver the best possible professional experience you can.

Our service therefore seeks to help all professionals better understand Autism Spectrum Condition, as well as providing professionals with the skills necessary to support any individuals with ASC that they may encounter. If you are a statutory service provider, based in Derbyshire County, you are entitled to free ASC awareness raising for your staff and volunteers. An awareness raising session typically takes one hour and will be delivered to your employees or volunteers in their place of work. Each attendee will be awarded a certificate and lanyard. We ask that you arrange for as many individuals to attend as possible, with a limit of 20 attendees per session. Please contact the service’s helpline to discuss what we can offer you.

 We are also able to support and train professionals from a wide range of areas of the private sector. For example, you may be:

  • an employer wanting to support an employee with ASC or to train your workforce so that your organisation can be identified as ASC friendly;
  • an educational professional (such as a teacher or pastoral manager) wanting to better understand and support parents of children with ASC;
  • a healthcare professional wanting to learn more about ASC and how you can embed ASC friendly practices in your care giving;
  • a business wanting to design your workplace to be a more Autism friendly space;
  • a client or customer facing service wanting to make user experience more accessible, inclusive and supportive.


No matter what the sector or the specific goal, we are able to support you and your organisation in raising your ASC awareness.

One of the primary ways we can do this is through delivering ASC awareness raising and training in your workplace setting. We offer two packages, the details of which can be found below.

In addition to signing up to formal training, we also welcome you to utilise the resources available on our website, as well as our helpline, where trained phone operatives will be able to assess your enquiry and direct you to the support or services you may require.


Autism Awareness Raising and Training Course

2 hours, 20 people, £200 + VAT
Course aims and objectives

This introductory awareness raising and training course aims to develop a basic understanding of Autism Spectrum Condition and the diverse ways in which those living with ASC experience their condition. Upon completion of this course, attendees will also have the knowledge required to support individuals living with ASC in their workplace – whether that be clients or colleagues.

Ultimately, the purpose of this course is to provide attendees with better awareness of ASC and the diversity of the condition, as well as how to support individuals living with ASC.

The focus of this course is on understanding and supporting ASC adults.

At the end of this course, successful attendees will receive an attendance certificate and lanyard.

Additional offer – if an organisation chooses to enroll over 80% of their employees, a certificate will also be issued to the organisation identifying it as ‘Autism Friendly.’


The course is divided into two parts:

Part 1

  • Introduction to and definition of ASC and neurodevelopmental conditions
  • The differences between ASC and learning difficulties
  • ASC and Asperger’s
  • Commonly associated conditions
  • Gender and ASC

Part 2

The central three challenges of ASC – communication and language, social interaction, and inflexibility of thoughts and behaviours

Approaches to understanding and supporting these three challenges – being person centred, planning and preparation, creating a safe environment, minimising sensory disturbances, and practical advice.


Bespoke Training Packages

If you work in an industry or sector with specific environmental or sensory conditions or if you work with a specific group of clients with particular needs, we can develop a more extensive and bespoke training package to meet your requirements.

Please contact the helpline to discuss this and how we may support you. Details are below.