Useful Documents




Self-empowerment and free access to necessary resources are two things that the Autism Information and Advice service team are passionate about. We want to empower the members of Derbyshire’s ASC community to effect the changes that they want to see. To do this, we have created a variety of online resources that can simply be downloaded, printed and then put to use to bring about the changes you need.

What documents do we have available?

We have the following useful documents for you to download. Just click on each button to download either a pdf or Word document. Each download is then ready for you to use. If you have any suggestions for additional content here, we would love to hear your suggestions.

Download documents

Request for Carers Assessment letter template

How to report discrimination in the workplace checklist

HR Complaint letter template

A&E Grab Sheet - Derbyshire

Derbyshire Autism Passport

Guidance notes for completing your Derbyshire Autism passport

Request for Adult Social Care and Support Needs Assessment letter template

Request for Reasonable Adjustments letter template

Post-diagnosis leaflet - County residents

Post-diagnosis leaflet - City residents

Autism Awareness Raising Course leaflet

Swadlincote Carer Support Group Flyer

New Autism Information and Advice Service leaflet

Autism Derby - service leaflet

Derbyshire Autism Services - service leaflet

Parent Pack

Useful apps and technology poster

I have Autism Travelling by Plane lanyard card

Child with Autism on board car sign

Passenger with Autism on board car sign

Generic I have Autism lanyard card

Face mask exemption cards

5 Facts about Autism Poster

Important Laws

Mental Health Top Tips Poster

Mindfulness Top Tips Poster

A useful guide to flying for individuals with ASC

FINAL REPORT - findings from the COVID-19 ASC/LD survey 2020

Living Well with Autism Service and 1-2-1 Support